Israel: A Week to Remember and a Nation to Consider

A week in Israel does not make one an expert on the Middle East. Nonetheless, it is eye opening and life changing experience. The people are the land's greatest resource and I want to introduce you to those who touched me.


Praying for the President, Jungle Journalism, Backlash, and more (VIDEO)

Many questions arose from my prayer at a Trump Rally, including "What is jungle journalism?" Get your answers here.

Pastors & Politics: An American Tradition

“I know you,” the spry little lady taunted me. “You’re that preacher that doesn’t believe in the separation of church and state!” I simply smiled and asked, “You don’t think I gave up my rights as a citizen just because I’m a pastor, do you?” This beautiful phrase gained is fame in Thomas Jefferson’s letter … Continue reading Pastors & Politics: An American Tradition

The Parkland Tragedy: A Conservative Analysis

National Grief It is beyond difficult to describe the agony that settles on our nation as journalists describe the haunting tale of yet another episode of terror that plays through our schools. The mere instrument of words can hardly convey the heartache that knows no bounds of party, race, class, or culture. Before our grief … Continue reading The Parkland Tragedy: A Conservative Analysis

Chaplain Urges Promedica to Reassess Culture and Values

The following was published in the Toledo Blade on February 18, 2018. It is with mixed emotions that my tenure as a hospice chaplain for ProMedica draws to a close this week. For the last three years, I have served with an incredible staff of doctors, nurses, aides, and volunteers who provide extraordinary care to … Continue reading Chaplain Urges Promedica to Reassess Culture and Values

ORP Endorsements

Separating Facts from Fiction The endorsement process can be messy, misleading and misconstrued. The rhetoric flying since Friday has been fast and furious. Some of it is true and other parts are not. Let’s begin with the fact that there are sixty-six members of the central committee that are not monolithic. A male and female … Continue reading ORP Endorsements