Sworn In

It was an honor to be sworn into the Republican State Central Committee by Chairwoman Jane Timken yesterday and to take my seat among my new colleagues representing the Ohio Republican Party. Clarence Mingo commented earlier that he, Chairwoman Timken, and Attorney General Mike DeWine (also present) were all about the same height and that … Continue reading Sworn In

He Is Risen!

Today, as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, I am reminded of three great truths. Remember the Promise Ironically, after the crucifixion, it wasn't His disciples but rather His adversaries that recalled the prophecy of Jesus' resurrection. Sometimes our opponents tend to recall our values more than we do. The Pharisees remembered that Jesus said … Continue reading He Is Risen!

Give the People their Justice: Confirm Gorsuch

The 2016 Election was a Mandate for a Gorsuch-like Appointment Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell and the Senate were respecting the will of the people and fulfilling their role of advise and consent when they withheld the vote on Merit Garland. They did not consent to a last-minute appointment that would not reflect the will … Continue reading Give the People their Justice: Confirm Gorsuch