What Dems Really Want

Moderate and even some liberal Democrats appear to be walking away as the Democratic party makes a tectonic shift to the extreme left. The Democrats appear to be swinging for the fences with all of their new ultra-radical proposals and increasing message of hate and vilification. They want a nation without walls. They are proposing tons of “free stuff.” They want to eliminate the electoral college and allow illegal aliens to vote in our elections. Is that just too much for many mainstream Democrats?

Targeting sixteen-year-old kids as eligible voters is the latest sign of their desperation. As a father of four, I know how great sixteen year old kids can be. They can be filled with ambition and have many assets that are developing and preparing them to be future leaders. But how many sixteen-year-old kids have held down a long-term job, paid taxes, raised a family, paid a mortgage, or served in the military? The Democrat’s appeal to them is more about “free” than “freedom” and some Democrats are betting that those sixteen-year-old votes can be bought.

So here’s the test to see if the Democrats really believe that
sixteen-year-old kids are that mature. Ask any Democrat who advocates lowering the voting age to sixteen if they are also willing to lower the legal age for concealed carry down to sixteen. If these kids are mature enough to vote then they should also be mature enough to legally carry a concealed weapon. Try this and you will witness an amazing paradigm shift at lightning speed.

Young boy practices shooting guns on outdoor range.

At this point the Democrats motives will become transparently clear. They don’t really have faith in sixteen-year-old kids. In fact, they are insulting these young people by implying that they are just gullible enough to manipulate. That’s what the these Democrats really hope to do.

The Democrats are not concerned with fairness or equal representation. They just want to win. They want to win at all costs and they have already demonstrated that.

Common sense Democrats should either work to reclaim their party or do what many others have already done. Just walk away. The GOP represents the mainstream values of America. Faith, Family, and Freedom is the common call from our leaders. Unemployment is down and opportunities are up. The economy is on the rebound and we are projecting peace through strength around the world.

As we approach 2020, the differences between the two parties will be more evident than ever. Either we will continue down the path the clings to the values that have made America great or we will reject the values long held by lovers of liberty, freedom, and faith. Choose wisely.

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