DeWine Did It! – The Heartbeat Bill has been Signed

Just two days ago, I stood with sixteen other pastors as we presented Governor DeWine with the Champion of Life Award in recognition of his steadfast commitment to sign the Heartbeat Bill. Today will go down as one of my proudest moments as I stood with our Governor when he signed the Human Rights and Heartbeat Protection Act into law. I will always be able to tell my children, grandchildren and their children that we advocated for them.

It was my honor to chair the Faith Coalition for DeWine Husted for Ohio. The prime issue on their Statement of Faith and Values was the Sanctity of Life. No one has ever been able to question Mike DeWine’s commitment to children born or unborn. Today, Mike DeWine stands as a champion for children and one of the nation’s greatest advocates for life.

The Governor’s Evangelical Advisory Council presents Governor Mike DeWine with the Champion of Life Award for his commitment to sign the Heartbeat Bill.

We anticipate a strong and deceptive counter narrative will continue in some media buoyed along with financial support from those who still cling to the insensitive, irresponsible and archaic climate of a culture hostile to the rights of children, women, and minorities. This will go to the Supreme Court. While they advance their false narrative, we must remember that we are on the right side of history, the right side of the law, and the right side of God Almighty.

The Pro-life Movement Advocates for Women.

The opposition, in cooperation with mainstream media, portray this debate as men versus women when in reality it is the powerful (adults) exercising force (abortion) over the powerless (babies).

Remember that 64% of women who have had an abortion report being coerced into taking the life of their child.

Many women suffer guilt and depression not to mention that they are seldom if ever warned of the health risks that accompany abortions.

In Ohio, the Heartbeat Bill has been championed by women like Candice Keller, Kristina Roegner, Christian Hagan, Janet Folger, Lori Viars, Diane Stover and so many more. While good men have stood by their side, we must never forget that women have been the strongest voices in protecting children and advocating for life. We must push back against the false narrative of the left.

Abortion Targets Minorities

My pastoral friends in the minority community remind me often that Planned Parenthood was founded by the racist Margaret Sanger as a form of targeted eugenics. Even today we discover that abortion Clinics are disproportionately located in poor and African American and Hispanic communities.

In places like New York City, more black babies are aborted than born alive. Life News reports, “Out of the 47,718 total reported pregnancies experienced by non-Hispanic black women, almost half – 49 percent – ended in abortion, while four percent ended in miscarriage and only 47 percent ended in live births. “

If we truly care about people of all cultures, races, and ethnicity, this injustice must stop.

Science Stands with Us

Because people of faith have always stood up for the innocent, those who oppose life consistently characterize this as a religious choice. Never forget that that they do not do the same for things like theft, perjury, murder or other violations of Scripture that are also harmonious with civil law.  

The advancement of medical technology has left no doubt about the person-hood of the unborn. The beating heart, the interaction of twins within the womb, the sucking thumb, and the reaction to pain are all observable, scientific measurements of life that declare the person-hood of the child within the womb.

Playful Twins in the Womb
Twins Interacting in the Womb

Scripture, Science, and Law are Completely Compatible

Imagine if there was a rule that we could not have any law that has Scriptural support. Millions of pages of laws would vanquish overnight. Prisons would be emptied, law enforcement officers would be laid off, and hospitals would need more beds. Those who brand pro-life legislation as imposing one’s religion are inconsistent in their argumentation. While faith is certainly a factor the arguments run much deeper.

Our founding document declares that “all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights.” Creation and conception are synonymous. The first enumerated right is LIFE. The Declaration of Independence continues “and to secure these rights, governments are formed among men.” The Preamble to the Constitution carries this principle forward stating its purpose to “secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.” America’s foundation of law and expressed purpose is predicated upon the right to life. Without the right to life, all other rights are insecure and unsustainable.

I shouldn’t be shocked to see some so-called ministers advocate for abortion (but I am). The Bible warns of wolves in sheep’s clothing. However, Representative Tim Ginter, a pastor and a legislator, passionately demonstrated that The Human Rights and Heartbeat Protection Bill is not only good law but it is also good faith. It is worth your next six minutes to watch.

A Lasting Legacy

The citizens of Ohio elected Mike DeWine to be our governor with the full expectation that the Heartbeat Bill was among his top legislative priorities. Buckeyes believe that babies have the right to be born. Today will be one of our governor’s proudest moments and I am honored to stand beside him.

While I expect Governor DeWine to accomplish many more outstanding achievements during his term in office, I am confident that the history books will remember this as a defining moment of his lasting legacy.

Thank you, Governor DeWine for fulfilling your most important promise!

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