Gary is just an ordinary guy who loves God, family, people and country and engages himself in the betterment of society in each of these areas. He has been married to his wife Nanette since 1989 and is the father of four boys and grandfather of four. He is the pastor of Fremont Baptist Temple and has served as both a law enforcement and hospice chaplain. Gary represents Ohio’s 26th District on the Ohio Republican Party and works to  advocate for conservative causes. He is passionate about lifting others up and helping them succeed in life.

Gary has been engaged in connecting faith leaders to their government over the last few years. He served on Josh Mandel’s faith coalition before chairing the same for the DeWine Husted Campaign. Last August, Gary had the opportunity to give the opening prayer at a Trump Rally in Lewis Center Ohio. After the election Gary assembled and chaired the Governor’s Evangelical Advisory Council during the first year of the administration and was honored to stand behind our governor as he signed the Heartbeat Bill into law.

After much encouragement from community leaders and friends, Gary announced on August 15, 2019 that he would run to represent Ohio’s 88th House District. Gary plans to run a commons sense conservative campaign built on the theme of Hope. He looks forward to hearing from you and learning the issues that you value most.

2 thoughts on “About Gary Click

  1. May your Shield of Faith be torn down and shattered by my mighty *************, for Brother, I hold more ******************* and it’s stronger than your shield has beliefs. Trump is evil, and only a Baptitst evangelical hypocrite can worship, oops!, support a many like Trump who lies, is moronic in his tweetas, embarrasses this country around the world, and relies on people like you, and the uneducated herd (really simple-minded, cross-bred hooligans) into his poorly explained, and even poorer activated, plans for this country. We’re all going to die and Trump will be at the wheel unless we can find a way to Make America Smart Again…….Baptitst proselytizers = evangelical soldiers of Satan.The only currency will be a pay-off and/or a bribe.

    Edited by Admin for extreme profanity.

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