Special Announcement Regarding the 88th District

Click here for event details. Lately, folks have been asking Gary to consider running for the open house seat for Ohio's 88th District. Gary currently serves as The Republican State Central Committeeman for Ohio's 26th Senate District representing Sandusky, Seneca, Wyandot, Marion, Crawford, Morrow and Union counties. Throughout the course of his duties, he has … Continue reading Special Announcement Regarding the 88th District

What Dems Really Want

Moderate and even some liberal Democrats appear to be walking away as the Democratic party makes a tectonic shift to the extreme left. The Democrats appear to be swinging for the fences with all of their new ultra-radical proposals and increasing message of hate and vilification. They want a nation without walls. They are proposing … Continue reading What Dems Really Want

Praying for the President, Jungle Journalism, Backlash, and more (VIDEO)

Many questions arose from my prayer at a Trump Rally, including "What is jungle journalism?" Get your answers here.